Team - Pinchapoo Team - Sehgal (13) / Hasti (13)

School: Box Hill High School

Coach: Samia Labib

100 word app description:

Do you want to help the underprivileged but want an easy way to do so? Do you want to ensure your money and goods are going to a good and trustworthy cause? Then Pinchapoo app is for you! Pinchapoo is a charity which supports those who cannot afford toiletries and with the Pinchapoo app donating is only a few clicks away. It’s simple, download the app for the Google play store and begin donating. The Pinchapoo application is an app built by students at Box Hill High School and includes all locations which accept donations, image taking features to share what you would like to donate and the capability of cash donations from your phone. If you want to make a difference the Pinchapoo app is for you!

Here are screen shots from the prototype developed:

Here's the team pitch video:


Here is the team business plan:

Before we started our business plan we brainstormed ideas of what app we can design and create to help our community. At first we thought to do an app for the following:

Hospital to retrieve patients history very easily, however most of our local hospitals have similar technology.

Child care or kindergarten to create an app to teach the young children the Dinosaurs names and information, however they have very limited android equipment.

A money saver app for teenagers, this idea was accepted by all our friends in the school and we started to do our market research and design.

Also we approached new local charity in Box Hill and they were very happy and they asked us to create an app to give donation locations for people to drop their donations.

We decided on the money saver app because it was very popular and we completed a wireframe for it.

At that time after discussions with our mentor Ms Haneesha Nimmagadda our final decision was made to go ahead with the charity app instead of the teen money saver.

Once this decision was made the following steps were taken.

Step One:

Before we started, we all created social media accounts so that we could communicate with each other at any point. (Kik Account).

We started to investigate all the charity apps such as Red Cross, Salvation Army... etc.

As the app was for charity we did not look at the financial benefits at all. The main goal is to make non-profit app for this charity.

How we came up with the survey:

Our group looked at many different charity websites whilst creating the survey to come up with new and improved ideas for our app. We divided the survey into two groups’ adults and children. We did this because we were making a charity app not only for children or adults but for a community of people which included both. We came up with this survey simply because we needed to know what features we should put in our app. We needed to broaden our ideas by taking public opinion into our plans, as personal ideas of what was good may not reflect that of other stakeholders. We needed to know what people wanted and how we could give them that through our app. The results of the survey helped us a lot and saved us from going down the wrong path.

We distributed the app to about 100 students, however we found from data, that the results were very biased as some of the students just ticking boxes generally rather than comprehensively. We discussed the issues and then we targeted adults because they are more likely to donate more than children, as well as having more of a comprehensive view of the situation.

From the adults outcomes we decided on our design which will include the following functions:

GPS (to locate exact locations)


Log book 

Pictures and images of the charity

Step Two:

We started our wireframe by collecting information.

All of us started to learn how to create a GPS based application because it was the only requirement by our client.

We invited our client Ms Kate Austin the Chairman of Pinchapoo charity to discuss our design and features.

Ms Austin changed her initial request of GPS and asked only for suburb location not exact location for privacy reasons as the charity is very new. She also did not like the logbook which was favourite by all adults we surveyed for tax reasons.

We had to change our wireframe and our plan completely.

We should do another survey but we did not have enough time.

Ms Austin also asked for newsletter, but she did not publish any yet. For this reason we created a feature called about us and it will be replaced with a newsletter in future.

Step Three:

We stated to develop our complete the final wireframe.

We distribute our loads and we created a Google account so all of us can access and work on the app from home or school and that was the best thing we have done, so we worked on different screens on the same time.

Our group leader decided to leave the country without any prior information, which stressed the rest of us a little, however we persevere to finish it.

All of us used android phone and app emulator to test our progress all the time.

Finally we finished the apps it worked very well, however popping up errors showed up.

We fix this bug by changing some coding.

Final Step:

We let many people and teachers to try our app and we had very positive feedback.

We sent the APK file for Ms Austin to try it and we are waiting for her feedback.

We have requested Ms Austin for approval to upload the app to the Google app store.

Finally Mrs Austin gave us the approval to upload it in Goggle play store. As we never use the play store before, it took long time to understand the process and we succeeded at the end.

However we completed all the procedure and we still have pending publications.

Now we are trying to find the reasons for the pending and we run few experiments and waiting for results.

Here's the team demo video: