Team - Pinpoint - Georgia (15) / Hannah (15) / Maddy (15) / Stephanie (15)

School: Clayfield College QLD

Coach: Andrew Russell

100 word app description:

Our app 'pinpoint' is designed for people from the age of 14 to around 25 years old who are trying to find their first job or have little work experience. The aim is to make it easier for adolescents and young adults to find part time employment through providing them with a simple and organised app to approach job searching. This app will greatly benefit the community given the fact that the unemployment rate for youth in Australia is 13.81%. Our solution quickly and easily allows youth to find available jobs in their local area.

Here are screen shots from the prototype developed:





Here's the team pitch video:


Here is the team business plan:

Pinpoint is an app for people who are trying to find their first job with the target age being 14-25. The people in this target age bracket will download the app because it will give them a simple and easy to use platform to find and compare different first time job opportunities.

Job advertisements will be free for the first six months for popularity growth. After six months, business' must pay a fee of $99.00 per job advertisement. This is very competitive compared to 'Seek' who charge $286 for one advert. Customers will learn about our app through ads: ads will be placed on other apps. We will also use word of mouth - from person to person - especially as we are in high school and are at the age of the target age audience.


A concern or problem for our app is that it may not be noticed when there are strong competitors such as “Seek”. Our solution is that our app is designed specifically for first time job finders which differentiates us from other job finding platforms; our app is targeted specifically at teenagers and young adults. This means that the adolescent population of Australia will be specifically drawn to our app. As the developers of the app, we ourselves are in high school and are at the age of the target age audience. We can use the app ourselves and also pass on the word to all of our friends to spread the popularity.

Feasibility Survey

First Survey Reflection/Analysis:

The results from the survey show that 56% of people are looking for a job. 
30% are 14, which is the age at which people are usually looking for their first job.  
From the survey results, we can conclude there is definitely a market for a jobfinder app, specifically for people with little or no previous work experience. Most people who already have a job found out through either the internet, connections with people and/or advertisements. 96% of responders had either an apple tablet or smartphone which is an astounding statistic, however we will most likely work with android so we can test our prototype. Finally, we have also confirmed that using google maps will be an essential feature for our app to search by location. 
By looking at our survey results it is clear that a lot of people are looking for a job and are around the age of our ideal persona for our app. Most people that answered the survey had a smartphone or apple tablet which will be the sources that our app will be used on. We also got a positive response to having a google maps feature which will help when designing our app.
The survey has confirmed that a job finder app is definitely wanted amongst the adolescent community that was surveyed. This provides confidence for the potential for success for our app and proves our app is worth creating.  With 100% of survey participants confirming they have a smart phone our app will be accessible to all of them.


Our ideal user is a 16 year old who has never had a job before or has little work experience. They can register an account and fill out their profile, filtering their search by location, a maximum radius and their desired job field (retail, fast food, customer service etc.) Their account enables them to scroll through jobs available and favourite possible options. This means when they log back in, they can see their favourites until the job application closes and is removed from the app. Each job has a description which tells the user how to apply and/or contact as well as a quick summary of requirements etc.

    • Individual account to fill in details:
        - Name/Age/Interests/Location
    • Google maps
    • The ability to 'favourite' jobs which catch your interest
        - Businesses can register there jobs targeted at junior employees (14-25)
        - Google map of the location of each job
        - Individuals can log in so they can save jobs
        - Jobs are filtered by the individuals ideal filters

Here's the team demo video: