Team - Super K's - Kate (11) / Kiah (11)

School: Tallebudgera State School

Coach: Danielle Neale

100 word app description:

Not good at drawing? Well Creative Drawer will help you! With twelve step-by-step drawing lessons you will be an artist in no time! This app will solve the problem of modern drawing lessons. Instead of using a book it is now on your phone or other device (like all stuff is these days). The drawing lessons are simple and easy to understand so you can’t make any mistakes. This app is also cheap and worth the money for what you get. Some of the things you can learn to draw are: a kitten, a deer, a lotus, and much more.

Here's the team pitch video:

Here is the team business plan:


What will we sell?
We will be selling an app that teaches people how to draw.

Who will buy it?
People who want to learn to draw, mainly kids.

How will your business idea help people?
It will help people learn to draw in an easy and simple way.


What will you charge?
We will charge $1 for our app.

How will you get paid?
We will get paid into the bank.

How else will you make money from this project?
We will have six lessons when you buy it for 50c and you can buy more lessons for 40c each or $1 for all extra lessons. There are six extra lessons.


How will customers learn about your business?
We can put ads on the app store and maybe in other apps too.


The project will be successful when it achieves these metrics:


Number of customers:
We will need 200 custumers to make it successful.


Annual net income:
We will need $200 dollars to make it successful. (Which is the amout of money we will get with 200 customers)