Announcing the Australian Search for the 2016 Next Tech Girl Superhero!


Proudly supported by the Queensland Government’s Advance Queensland initiative.


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Our youth entrepreneurship program will run as a competition for 12 weeks from the 11th of April to the 29th of July 2016 to fit with Term 2. Teams will work through the 12 modules with their coach & mentor over this time.

This is a national competition for female students in years 4-12.

2016 Theme: Solve a Problem in Your Local Community: technology for social good

We partner with Technovation, a San Francisco based non-profit organisation who have built a successful global competition over the past 5 years. The Tech Girls Movement is an official Regional Ambassador for Technovation in Australia and offers to young Australians the opportunity to build an App and promote it to an Australian audience, and an international audience!  

NOTE our new deadline for submission is @5pm 29th July 2016

Download the student and mentor workbooks here.

Technovation is the world’s largest and longest­ running tech competition for girls. Teams of young women identify a problem, create an app to solve it, code the app, build a company to launch the app in the market, and pitch their plan to experts­­ all in 3 months. Technovation’s applied, project­ based computer science and entrepreneurship curriculum reinforces digital representation of information, algorithmic thinking and programming, and emphasises the societal impact of information and information technology. It teaches girls life skills such as how to identify problems, design and test solutions, collaborate in a team and communicate to different audiences.

To get involved, teams register for the Next Tech Girl Superhero here. Submit your pitch (through video)  and other deliverables by the deadline. After this, teams can choose to enter the global 2016 Technovation competition to pitch against others internationally. School girls will learn skills to be a tech entrepreneur by working through set tasks to build an app. All teams will be matched with a mentor.

See the entries from the 2015 Competition here

Eligibility Guidelines

Teams consist of 3 to 5 young women in primary or secondary school (ages 10­-18, although younger students with the maturity necessary to complete the program are encouraged to participate – some of our youngest participants in previous years have been in year 3).

Mentors & Coaches

We recommend that each team nominate a teacher at their school as their coach to support and act as a role model for the team. We will match all teams with a mentor. You can consider connecting virtually with your mentor and your team online via a Skype or G+ hangout. A classroom teacher can also support teams as a coach at his/her school site. 

Project Deliverables—each team must submit by the 29th of July 2016

● App source code (can be developed for Android, iOS, or Windows)

● Up to 4­ minute video pitch (upload to YouTube and share the link)

● Up to 2­ minute app demo video (upload to YouTube and share the link)

● Business plan (pdf)

● Team photo (with mentor and teacher included, if possible) for each team

● 100 ­word app description

● Completion of post ­survey 

Presentation (post on Slideshare and share link)

Program and Project Overview

● Lesson 1: Introduction to Technovation and App Inventor

● Lesson 2: Defining the Issue: What problem are you going to solve?

● Lesson 3: Brainstorming Solutions

● Lesson 4: User­ Centred Design: Making sure your app is easy to use

● Lesson 5: Competitive Analysis: What makes your app better than the others that are out there?

● Lesson 6: Branding and Promotion: Develop a strategy for promoting your app

● Lesson 7: Potential Revenue: Determining how to price your app and how to generate income

● Lesson 8: Pitch Guidelines: Telling the story of your app and pitching your company

● Lesson 9: Demo Guidelines: Making and uploading the demo video of your app in action

● Lesson 10: User Feedback: What do people think of your app?

● Lesson 11: Video Editing: Get feedback on your videos­­what is and isn’t working well?

Lesson 12: Submission: Make any final edits to your business plan; reflect on your project; wrap­ up loose ends; and complete the Post­ Survey

Key Dates

8 March 2016 - Competition is launched at Google in Sydney - Entries are now open

11 April 2016 - Competition kicks off online - register here

29th July 2016 @5pm - Submit the team's final pitch and other deliverables online for judging

Note: we reserve the right to refuse entries deemed inappropriate.

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