The new Tech Girls Movement website is here! You will find all you need to know about TGM’s mission and our activities for 2014.

In late 2013, the Tech Girls Movement was born. Set up as a non-profit company, it’s main aim is to raise awareness of information technology careers and the need for greater diversity in the information technology workforce. The Tech Girls Movement provides a sisterhood for girls to join, empowering them to create their own future in the technology industry. Activities include creating female #TechGirls characters (archetypes) to promote in the media, having a strong online social media presence, producing and distributing a hard copy and e-book, an app, mobile games, an online weekly radio tech show,  school visits across Australia and more.

In 2014, the Tech Girls Movement revolves around the new book in the Tech Girls series, Tech Girls Are Superheroes. The book builds upon the success of Tech Girls Are Chic! (circa 2008) to present the opportunities and possibilities in the information technology industry through storytelling. The book showcases 26 women working in technology industries around the world, with a strong Australian focus. These role models have fun and girl-friendly animations in the book, and all authors have developed a science fiction story where they present themselves as a positive female tech superhero – 19 stories in total (incl. two teams). The book encourages reading in the 10-16 age group and shows school girls, their parents, teachers, and careers counsellors that it is acceptable and even advantageous to pursue a career in tech. 

The Tech Girls Movement is unique in that it is an ongoing campaign building partnerships across industry, government and education. The Tech Girl Superheroes in the book are strong and capable role models who are advocates for change; that change being getting more girls into tech study and careers. The TGM is also unique in that it incorporates a strong marketing campaign to dispel the myths of the information technology industry. The innovation is in using a relatable and fun theme of female “superheroes” to inspire. The TGM builds upon the academic research and translates it into practical programs and media campaigns to facilitate a change in culture.