Week 6 update

Welcome tech girls, coaches and mentors to week 6 in the Search for the Tech Girl Superhero. We are now halfway through the program! By now you should have clearly identified the problem you are solving, and proposed a feasible solution for the problem. Who will use your app, how often, and in what situations? Then you have done some research to see what other solutions are out there to the problem you have identified, and you have worked out how your app solution will be different to others in the market.

This week your task is to take your paper prototype to the next level and consider how you are going to brand it. What will your logo look like? What will you call your app? What is your colour scheme? How will you brand your app? All of these decisions can be documented in your business plan - there are hints for what to include here.

The key to writing your business plan is to keep it short and simple but comprehensive. Anticipate the questions your readers will ask, and use your judging rubric to guide what you include. 

Doing you business plan will help you to develop your 100-word app description.

This will keep you busy for the week - let us know if you have any questions - time to start formalising your ideas!

Oh and keep asking people every week for feedback on your idea and how you plan to execute it.

Here's Jewella's video update:

Be super!

Jenine (aka Jewella)

Founder & CEO of the Tech Girls Movement