12pm 5 December 2014

ANNOUNCING the winners & finalists of the 2014 Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero!

Congratulations to the 1st place winner - Sara Price (age 12)

Sara is a year 7 student at Melbourne Girls Grammar School, Victoria

Sara has created Positive Penguins, an app  (ios and android) to help children understand their emotions come from their thinking and teach them to challenge (or problem solve) the negative stories they tell themselves. This is especially important when feelings relate to bullying, being different, anxiety, worry etc. Sara originally created the idea on a powerpoint for a school presentation in year 3 on healthy mind, healthy body. Her teacher, school, parents all supported her idea and with the help of her parents (financially), Sara had the app coded for her based on her innovative idea. So far Sara has sold over 15,000 apps and has had lots of positive feedback to show the app really helps kids change their negative stories.

Her website for the app is www.positivepenguins.com

Sara's superpower is to be a thought shifter - she  can shift peoples thoughts and turn them into more positive ones and help people find a solution to their negative thoughts.

Congratulations to 2nd prize winner - Emilie morscheck (age 17)

Emilie is a year 12 student at Dickson College in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

Emilie's entry is titled: Beauty Is Only A Photoshop Layer Deep. What if you could scan the bar-code on any magazine cover with you device of choice and see the original image of the cover before it was photo-shopped? What if you could scan a billboard? An image on the bus? What would you see? The answer is already beautiful people who have been "touched-up" to represent an idealistic view of beauty that is held by only a small percent of the population. 

Emilie believes that having a free app that exposes the cover-ups in the media could go a long way to promoting body confidence in young women. Her proposed app would help to destroy the negative body image that the media promotes. Not everyone can be tall, thin and flawless, and not everyone should be. But healthy body image is more than changing the way the media represent women it is about building confidence in women all of ages to be proud of who they are. Her proposed idea for an app would have five main categories; media, style for all body types, health, exercise and support services with access to further resources.

Emilie loves technology and wants study engineering at university. She love physics and learning how the world works. Her dream involves going overseas and working on humanitarian projects with an opportunity to reduce human impact on the environment. Sh'e not just into science however! She also loves to tell stories and create new worlds. She's dabbled in video game creation and she writes fiction.

Emilie's superpower is her ability to create worlds and tell a story through multiple mediums. She's a writer at heart and loves to weave narratives.

CONGRATULATIONS TO 3rd PRIZE WINNERs - TayNah McMurtrie, Kate rogers, alyssa bremner (AGE 10)

Taynah, Kate and Alyssa are the TERRIFIC TRIO from the Whitsunday Anglican School, Queensland - in year 4.

Taynah, Kate and Alyssa have proposed a Minecraft Adventure Map (MAM) that informs people about cyber safety. They are all motivated by their own experiences being bullied in school. The game is targeted at grade 3-7 girls and boys, and it has fun level names like Katztopia, Techy Time and  Maze Mania to engage the audience. The game teleports you to different levels depending on your answers to certain questions about cyber bullying. A hard to get out of  maze with chests scattered throughout with clues about cyber bullying and cyber safety educate the players.

Taynah's superpower is flexibility, Alyssa has invisibility, and Kate is a shape shifter.

CONGRATULATIONS TO our highly commended winner - Jaycia adams (AGE 12)

Jaycia is a year 6 student at Binjour Plateau State School, Queensland - a school with only 21 students.

Jaycia has proposed to develop a student app to improve the health and wellbeing of students. The app gives students a way to communicate with teachers, even if they are too scared to  do so in person.  The app will monitor student thoughts and to keep a track of what they are doing without having to talk about problems face to face. Jaycia draws on her own experiences in which she sometimes finds it difficult to talk to others when having a problem, either at home or at school. The app would let students make contact without having to look like they are telling on someone or about something that is worrying them.

Jaycia's superpower is helping friends understand and use technology and trying to figure out new things technology wise. She loves gadgets and seeing how they make everyday like easier. Jaycia entered this competition because she loves all things technology!!  She wants to be a famous IT personality and show everyone that girls can do it! She would love to bring Techgirls out of the shadows!!

Finalists announced!

Cyber Bullying and Safety

Jodie-Lee (age 12, from Moura State School) wants to develop a system to combat bullying both online and in the schoolyard.  Online and off, through her system kids can alert a teacher or supervisor when they need help to solve a problem.

Lana (age 13, from Taroona High School) takes a different approach to combat bullying. She wants to create a resource that helps kids build resilience and confidence to help them cope with social conflict at school and in the wider world.

Amrita (age 10, Whitsunday Anglican School) wants to develop a fun website where kids can play games and puzzles to learn about communication and cyber safety both online and off.  Her site will even include a blog to directly respond to children’s questions and concerns and will give advice for those who find themselves in an unsafe situation online. 

Taynah and her friends (Katzcove, mlyssa181,Techyminer all age 10, from Whitsunday Anglican School) are the Terrific Trio.  and together they want to harness the popularity and fun of Minecraft to teach online social awareness. Built out of a Minecraft Adventure Map, their games will help kids learn how to avoid cyber bullying and interact positively in a digital age.

Lisa (age 9, from Whitsunday Anglican School) wants to develop an online community where kids can find information, ask questions, recount their stories, and engage in discussion to learn how to deal with cyber bullying.  Her website also includes games, puzzles, and colouring competitions for kids to get creative and have fun.

Georgia (age 13, from Clayfield College) has designed an app to help kids literally not let offensive messages get to them. Her phone app, Bully Buster, allows kids to block communications based on a language filter. Additionally, it provides information and tips for kids and parents to help stop bullying.

Personal Wellbeing

Sara (age 12, Melbourne Girls Grammar) is the creator of the Positive Penguins, an app that helps children to understand and challenge negative thinking.  Through the app, children build the resilience and self-reflection they need to cope with the anxieties they face at school.

Alyssa (age 10, from Emerald North State School) wants to encourage healthy eating and awareness of home-grown natural resources through gardening.  She wants to develop a website where kids can learn about medicinal herbs, gardening, and making healthy choices.

Mia (age 9, MLC Sydney) wants to create  a simulation-style game to encourage kids to make healthy, happy, and responsible choices. Aptly named The Well Beings, her app will feature an avatar to look after and rewards for navigating through the decisions surrounding school, family, and health.

Emilie (age 17, from Dickson College) knows that girls too often struggle with body image at the cost of their health and well being.  Her app, Beauty is only a PhotoShop Layer Deep will show girls unaltered photos to prove that the way women are portrayed in the media is not the reality.  Additionally the app will provide style tips, eating, exercise, and support resources to help girls look after themselves and improve their body confidence the healthy way.

Brianna and Elysia (age 11, from Whitsunday Anglican School) want to preserve both our environment and the community spirit in this increasingly digital world.  Their website will provide news, activities, and information on cleaning up and caring for our communities and country.

School Experience

Jaycia (age 12, Binjour Plateau State School) wants kids to be able to improve their school experience through a survey style app.  Her app will allow teachers to keep up with their students’ thoughts and feedback, as well as provide a safe and comfortable platform for kids to discuss problems with their teachers when they don’t feel able to talk face-to-face.

Kerrie (age 15, from Narrabundah College) knows that students often struggle to manage their homework, and she has a solution to help keep kids motivated.  Her homework organiser app, My Dog Ate My Homework, turns study into an achievement-earning game: a virtual pet’s happiness depends on study done, and points earned are spent to look after and even customise the pet.

We are very excited to offer you the following prizes!

  • An honorary position as a prestigious 2015 Tech Girls Movement Ambassador

  • Your own personalised superhero avatar (like Jewella  in the book)

  • An awesome #techgirls prize pack with a personalised signed copy of Tech Girls Are Superheroes and Tech Girls Are Chic! and some super cool superhero gear!

  • Personalised mentoring in 2015 by one of the Tech Girls Are Superheroes featured in the book