Week 2 update

Hi Superheroes!

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I hope you enjoyed your first week in the 2016 Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero. I hear you have some great ideas in the making! I realise some of you are still finding your feet in the program…but  I encourage you to email your mentor to introduce yourself asap if you haven't already.

I spent last week at a bunch of schools in Brisbane and Perth talking about the program and giving an overview of appinventor. Here are some videos to get you started:


Did you hear our recent interview on Radio National Future Tense? This was recorded at the conclusion of last year’s competition:


This week is all about brainstorming - an activity where you get all of the possible problems you’d like to solve on paper, and then you weigh them up to see which problem is the most feasible to solve. Some things to think about...

    •    What are your favourite apps and why do you like them? Can you build those good characteristics into your app?

    •    What are the worst apps? What not to do in your app?

    •    Who is your target audience? Talk to them and ask them what their frustrations are.

    •    What kind of data will help your audience solve their frustrations?

Here’s this weeks video from Jewella:

We have started using a new system to communicate during the 12 week program - it is called Slack. If we have your email address you would have received an invitation. If you would like to be added to the closed invitation only system so you can chat with other teams, coaches and mentors - send us an email and we will add you. The system is designed so that teams can ask questions and get a quick response.

We are excited to hear your ideas and we look forward to hearing your updates!

Feel free to post your journey (comments, pics, feedback) to facebook, instagram or twitter - tag us :)

Have an awesome week tech girls!