Hi Teams, Mentors and Coaches!

Here we are in week 4 already! We have had many requests to extend the registration one more week so we have - with 106 teams we will get a few more. Good news for everyone -we have extended the final submission deadline for the last time time the 29th July @5pm so that everyone joining gets 12 weeks to work through the program. Check out our schedule here and work according to the time you have available.

The competition is tough!

Here is a short video from Jewella with an overview of week 4.


This week your task is to develop your ideas further by coming up with a good description of your product (your app).  Your description may include who your target audience is and how it will benefit them. You may also describe your logo, colour scheme and where your app will be most useful.

Another task is to test the usability of the competitor's apps that you identified last week. There are tips in the workbook on how to do this.

Lastly it is time to start the wireframe of your app and there is a great paper prototype template in the workbook for you to use. A wireframe is a written/drawn plan of each of the screens of your app, so also start thinking about how the user will navigate through the screens in your app. Importantly, what is your landing page? What will be displayed? Will it be a login page? Then test your paper prototype to see if it will work as you plan.

Lots of questions for you to investigate! I wish you good luck and be sure to consult with your mentor and ask any questions you need.

Have a super week! :)