Wk 5 update

Hi superheroes!

Very excited to welcome you to Week 5 in the Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero! You can check this week's update via our website here.

This week we have a number of important tasks. Firstly, you need to work on completing the wireframe for your app (the screens and how they will flow) and then test it out on paper to see if it will work. The workbook provides questions you can ask.

Another task is to write up your competitive analysis. You may have looked at competitor apps last week but don't forget to document the process. 

Revisit - what are you favourite apps and why? Your least favourite apps and why? What types of landing pages do they use? What is their logical flow? 

Next week we will start to think about logos and colour schemes. I know many of you are keen to jump into appinventor too (Android), but please don't be too keen, I want you to have a solid plan and design first. There is no point creating a solution that is looking for a problem :) I'll send links about appinventor in the coming weeks. There are lots of free videos introducing you to appinventor if you want to do a search and play.

If you are using macs we suggest you use xcode to develop your prototype. We are not fussy on what technology you use as long as you can build a prototype to submit.

This week's video is here...from an exotic location :)

Do you love TED talks as much as me? If you haven't yet seen it, my here is my TEDx talk if you want to watch :)


Keep going with your super ideas!

Talk next week :)

Jenine aka Jewella