Week 8 Update

Hi teams, mentors and coaches - welcome to week 8 of the Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero!

I hope you are progressing well with your projects. 

Teams - be sure to check in each week with your mentor to ask questions that you need answers to. If you have no questions one week, please send a courtesy email updating your mentor on your progress. Note that your mentors have dedicated time to meet you each week so please keep to the times you have committed to, or give plenty of notice if you cannot make a meeting. Make the most of the 1 hour you have with them each week.

I've compiled a checklist of tasks to date - have you completed the following? Be sure to document them all clearly in your business plan using the tools in your workbook (e.g. the competitive analysis table etc).

* Defining your problem - have you identified a real problem in your community? Why is this a problem that needs solving?

* Research - what other solutions to your defined problem are out there? How do others think this problem should be solved (if you have completed a survey, include your method and results)

* Product description - describe the app and how you are adding value to the problem

* Market size - describe who is your target audience, and how, when, why would they use your app

* Competitive analysis - who are the main competitors to your app? How is your solution different?

* Potential revenue - how will you make money for your app? Will people buy it or will you have advertisements or in-app purchases?

* Branding and promotion - have you developed a logo and company name? Do you have documented plans for how you will promote your app?

Once you have completed these tasks and documented all of them in your business plan, you should begin building your prototype in either AppInventor or XCode or whatever tool you want to use (we don't mind as long as you can export the source code - check the deliverables). If you don't get the chance to build the app in one of these tools, you can always use appcooker to do a quick prototype (note there is no source code though so if you submit this prototype you will not receive the full marks for this section).

I'm sure you are also working on your pitch - we will have some tips on this later this week (we have an expert developing a video for you). In the meantime be sure to look at the pitch videos for the teams from last year, in particular those that were winners and finalists - http://www.techgirlsmovement.org/video-pitches/

That should keep you busy! :) 

I've just spent the past few days with Sara Price, the creator of Positive Penguins, our Ambassador and winner of the 2014 Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero! Sara, at 14, has sold 30 000 copies of her amazing app! Watch her video here (sorry the audio is a little out of sync.

At the EduTech conference this week, we got to hang out with Australian Maths guru Adam Spencer, and also Baroness Susan Greenfield who is a world renowned Neuroscientist from the UK! Some of our tech girls got to meet the Baroness at an event we hosted at the conference. 

Have a super week :)