Team - Yasumi - Scarlett (15) / Emilie (15) / Alice (15) / Lauren (15) / Savannah (15)

School: St Marys Anglican Girls School

Coach: Michelle Fitzpatrick

100 word app description:

Our app, Yasumi, combines all elements required to help you relax, distress and have a break, which is also the meaning behind our app’s name. In today’s society we face more pressure than ever before from friends, family and the community, which impacts our mental wellbeing. This problem can be solved by our app, which provides relaxation activities and components leaving the user calm and collected. The audiences targeted for our app are young adults or anybody who feels the tribulations of daily life.  We feel our app could be beneficial to students or employees to deal with the burden of deadlines and assignments.

Here are screen shots from the prototype developed:

Here's the team pitch video:


Here is the team business plan:

Potential Revenue and market size:

Our potential target audience includes a wide variety of people such as university students, high school students, working class adults and many others. It is for anyone who feels stress anytime in their daily lives and would like an easy, approachable way to combat it. We have done this by using neutral colours to appeal to everyone and a range of activities and features that most people would enjoy or find helpful.
Our potential market is roughly 500 million people. As we found 1.5 billion active Facebook users and figures 500 million would have an IPhone/android and be able to use our app.
The meditation app we have created will cost $0.99c per app. We decided not to make it free as to do that we would have to put ads into our app and as our app is supposed to help people relax we figured having ads would counteract the idea. Due to this number we figure in the first year we might make approximately provided we got a good reputation and market our app well.

Competitive analysis:

Some of the feature our app has, which others don’t is that we chose effective colours that are proven to be soothing and made it clear and simple for stressed users who don’t want too many visual components. Some other apps we found had too many ads or distressing colours and visual such as oranges, yellows and intricate designs. We chose pinks, browns and blues to provoke peaceful, natural feelings. We also chose a traditionally relaxing cherry blossom tree which stands out from other apps with cliché blues and whites yet is still a relaxing symbol to many people. Many other apps are also quite boring and repetitive with single features, which are repeated each time, you return to the app. With our app we have a variety of features and each time you use them there are other aspects to try.
Another unique feature is a wide selection of music. Most apps only have a few different types and this cannot effectively appeal to a large market size. We also have a friendly and calming interface, which lots of apps don’t have. We also have a lot more media on our apps such as gifs, photos and quotes which people would usually have to look up themselves, we have previously gone and picked the best and most relaxing photos so that users can quickly and easily access these features when they feel stressed.
We have a helpful meditation program which is determined by how much time you have for 5, 10, 20, 30, 60 minutes of meditation while other programs have one meditation program for all situations, many people do not have time for a 30 minute program everyday, we have shorter programs to assist in this. We also have a feature, which we have not found on any apps so far which is our tips for relaxing activity generator. The tips section is a simple guide on what exactly you should do when you feel stressed and clear small things you can do to help yourself such as merely taking some deep breaths, talking to others and drinking to water. To take initiative to do this yourself is tricky for some people and they don’t immediately think to do some easy things which could help them immensely.

 We also have our unique feature called ‘the burn book’ which lets users type out their feelings and then release it into cyberspace to be lost forever we have not found many apps which do this and feel this could be therapeutic.. This can help people release stress and how they feel without any negative repercussions. Our section on yoga also has easy stretches for complete beginners to help them stretch their muscles and release tension more so than to become more flexible, which many other apps focus on the most such as simply yoga, daily yoga and yoga studio.

Branding and Promotion:

We will describe our app to consumers as compatible, helpful and containing many features to help them distress. It can be used for anyone and everyone who experiences stress, even in its lightest forms. To get across this message we will use stress statistics, test trials of people using the app. Our logo expresses the app well as it is a cherry blossom which symbolizes peace, beautiful gardens and nature. The name of our app,Yasumi is the Japanese word for relax which coincides with the Japanese cherry blossom. Our motto ‘take a break’ insinuates that everyone should relax every once in a while even if its short it can be detrimental to your health and help you become a more relaxed peaceful person. To bring the service to market we will advertise at schools and large workplaces, universities and local community halls where most of our target market will be. We will use Facebook, Instagram and other social media as this is where a large percentage of our target market will have accounts. We will have a Facebook and Instagram page and post pictures and users of the app to give it good publicity. We plan to grow our market by adding new features, changing things according to review/complaints and using test subjects.